Barry Gruff
Fiore’s self-titled, debut LP is a record that reveals it’s true worth with repeated plays. It wins the listener over as it meanders along accompanied eerie vocals and fuzzed up riffs. This is a must for fans of the likes of Tame Impala, The Coral or any psych-rock bands.

BPM Magazine
...“Skate With Me” is super hot. The fun electro synth pop sound will have you downloading this artist in a flash.

URB Magazine, NEXT 100 Issue
Dgenetics is using his fresh spin on retro synthesizers to produce vice-ready bangers like a pair of rabbits.

Fact Magazine
In this melting pot musical generation, labels mixing up styles are ten a penny. But among the coattail-surfing chameleons changing colours to whatever vibe is the latest flavour, there are several that stick out, where traditional rules are discarded and the only principle is to trailblaze. Although in its infancy, Dgenetics is one such renegade.

URB Magazine
While one side of the world is already crazy for anything with an Ed Banger or Kitsune stamp, we know it's time to introduce a new contender to the scene. Enter Dgenetics Musics' boombox-for-a-head leader making analog, retro-crazy dance tracks with a few artists that know what's good on the dance floor.

Pure Groove Records
One of the most interesting new labels we've heard, Dgenetics may well turn out to be the new Modular. With the extremely exciting Fiore, expect great things...

PIMP Magazine
With increasing interest from record labels and a growing disillusionment at the prospect of relinquishing creative control to them, LA based producer Dgenetics decided to take matters into his own hands. The result was Dgenetics Musics, a label that within six months of starting is quickly becoming a serious 'one to watch' for discerning music fans, DJ's, and producers. But then, you would kind of expect this from a man with a boombox for a head.

The Dgenetics Musics label and the awesome weight that they carry are URB TOP 100 YA'LL!

Big Stereo
Since we can't let the Ed Bangers and Modulars take over the music world, we have to scoot over and make some room for the new guys, Dgenetics Musics. All you other labels, you betta watch yo backs...